Its was surprising for Sheffield United Players… who were getting ready for their big Premier League showdown with Liverpool on Thursday when a dog ran onto the field at Stanley Park and peed all over a practice cone!

At first, the players seemed a bit confused as to why the dog was there — but when the 4-legged fan lifted his leg and opened fire, you can hear the whole team crack up laughing.

Funny moment … but now, they’ve gotta focus quick — Liverpool is #1 in the Premier League. They’re 18-1-0 on the season so far and look unstoppable.

Meanwhile, Sheffield United is in 8th place … they’re 7-8-5 this season, but they’ve won 3 out of their last 5.

As for the dog … no idea who it belongs to or how it got onto the field, but c’mon, that’s funny stuff!


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