I laugh in Nollywood… This country is truly bereft of moral index. 

A public office holder commits a crime. The crime is caught on video. He shows no remorse. In fact, during his disciplinary hearing, he goes on to express arrogance towards a senior colleague, another female for that matter- Senator Remi Tinubu. 

No criminal charges are brought against him because he used his powers to protect himself. 

He also went on to intimidate his victim during the public outcry. 

Nollywood is on the world stage. Nollywood wished to be respected globally like Hollywood. Hollywood, after decades of muted permission to perpetrators, has finally been forced to face up to its crimes and begin on cleaning up their act. 

Yet, incredibly, someone in Nollywood, say the vocal denouncement of installing a known woman abuser is “over dramatization ” ? 

Violence against women is a real and present danger to our society and to the future generations.

What Nigeria do we really want sef ? What noise do we make about bad leaders when in fact the majority amongst us both leaders and perpetrators of VAW ? 

Who are these people that fail to recognise the shame their actions bring on others? 

If they are proud of their actions, they should sign their missives with their names and stop hiding behind letters. 

I am of no doubt that there are many good people in Nollywood, but these bad apples continue to stain the efforts of the good..  

What a shame! What a pitiful SHAME !!!



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